Universe Builder Card Game

universe-builder-graphicUniverse Builder is a card game for two to four players, in the style of Rummy or Go Fish, but it also features the real science of the fundamental particles that make up our universe (no prior experience necessary). You can download the rules and printable cards below for free.

In Episode 10 of Tales from Mechatropolis, the game turns up in the Academy’s junior common room:

“Hurrah! More people!” Ivor shouted when they arrived. “Tell Ken to stop taking forever with these cards and let us play particle snap.”

“Are you fighting already?” Kelly Jean asked.

“I guess they can disagree without getting into a fight,” Melinda said.

“Bless your heart, we’re not fighting,” Ivor said. “We’ve found an excellent set of playing cards. Show them, Marc.”

“It’s not all that exciting,” Marc said. “But it’s kind of cute. They’re fundamental particles instead of just being numbers and such. So this is an electron.” He waved a card at them. “And this is–” he paused to read the card “–this is a red up quark. Like you get inside atoms, y’know.”

“So what do you do with them?” Bryony asked.

“Play snap!” Ivor said immediately.

“If Ivor would give me a chance, there’s a set of rules for what you’re actually supposed to do here,” Ken said.

Download Universe Builder:

Universe Builder Rules (PDF)

Universe Builder Rules Reference (PDF)

Full Colour Universe Builder Cards (PDF)

Printer-friendly Universe Builder Cards (PDF)

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