Tales from Mechatropolis

Tales from Mechatropolis is either a long short story or a short long story about a science academy on a steampunk asteroid city-state. It features diverse people — many of whom like science — doing science, amongst other things, in accurate and realistic (that is, realistic for steampunk asteroid city-states) fashion. It looks like this:

After Earth burned, the remnant of humanity was contained in the self-sustaining asteroid mining colonies. Carey Atkinson declared asteroid DZ-74316 to be the city-state Mechatropolis and herself its first mayor. The rest of the asteroid belt ultimately followed suit. The diversity of humanity was embodied in the dozen asteroid city-states, from Arthaign’s flowing drapery and elegant suits, through Khaya’s spacious, efficient corridors to the gaslit streets and polished wood of Mechatropolis.

In the prestigious upper echelon of the Mechatropolis delvings, together with the City Hall and the spaceport, stands the Academy for Mathematical Sciences. Founded in Atkinson’s time, it is still delivering new and fascinating innovations. A selected few youngsters are invited into the Academy’s lecture theatres and teaching laboratories to uncover some of the universe’s deepest secrets.

The two hundred and forty third class of the Mechatropolis Academy for Mathematical Sciences is about to form. Carry on reading at Episode 1.


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