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Charlotte Hillebrand-ViljoenHi! I’m Charlotte (or Charli). I liked the idea of steampunk asteroid city-states too much not to write about them. I like telling people about science too much not to write about that. I hope you enjoy the result.

If you’d like a more official sounding bio, or proof that I can write about myself in the third person, I’ll pretend that doesn’t feel awkward:

Scientific Tales is written by Charlotte Hillebrand-Viljoen, a theoretical physics graduate student at the University of Cape Town. Over the course of her academic career, she has taken courses in such fields as physics, chemistry, mathematics, applied mathematics, engineering design, computer science, and technical writing, which she uses to construct the goings on at the Mechatropolis Academy. Charlotte has twice been a national finalist in the FameLab science communication competition and has been involved in science communication events with South African Women in Science and Engineering and the Cape Town Science Centre. She has published several nonfiction science articles with the Nanotechnology Public Engagement Programme. Charlotte would like to play a Truenamer in Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, only in part to mess with her DM.

You can contact me on charlotte@scientifictales.com or @charli_h on Twitter.

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